Trusted and Proven Pharmacy technology

NOVORx Pharmacy Management System allows your pharmacy to process, track, and dispense all prescriptions with the highest level of security, accuracy, and efficiency.

An Pharmacy Practice Management System to Help You Get Paid.

  • Separate modules for Patients, Doctors, Product, Plans to make flexible and fast search.
  • Electronic refill requests and E-Prescribing which also includes controlled prescriptions.
  • Manage Patients accounts receivable and print statements.
  • Eligibility checks for commercially insured and Medicare Part D Patients.
  • Create and send purchase orders, receive automated weekly price updates.
  • Fast and efficient PDMP Reporting.
  • Ability to customize Rx Labels in a very quick time.

  • Ablilty to create and set roles and access rights for each user.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly Rx reports and Refill-reminder reports.
  • Email and text messaging services for Rx ready and refill reminders.
  • Ability to EDI interface with wholesalers and automate inventory management.
  • Ability to interface with Parata, Script Pro, Kirby Lester, Eyecon and other robotic systems.
  • Ability to automatically backup data to a secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant cloud server
  • Ability to import or scan and save documents related to Patients directly in the system.


We help you in streamlining your pharmacy to work more quickly and systematically.

Patient Health, & Medication Therapy Management

  • Integrated Medication Synchronization
  • Identify Patients at High Risk of Hospitalization
  • Manage and Alter Patient's Adherence
  • Outcomes Integration
  • Five Star Reporting and Improvement
  • Synchronization Calendar
  • Integrated Automatic Refill
  • Labs
  • Patient Notifications

Point of Sale

A truly integrated POS allows you the ease and convenience of accessing your pharmacy software when you need to most.

  • Flexible, reliable and fast checkout process.
  • Ability to capture signature for OTC and prescription deliveries.
  • Ability to capture HIPAA, Credit Card, Prescription signatures electronically.
  • Ability to use barcode scanner to quickly populate patient information into the system; can be used when adding new patients and when dispensing controlled substances and PSE products.
  • Ability to integrate with payment processor for processing credit card transactions and signature capture.

Mobile Apps

Ever thought, “There must be an app for that?” Check out how NOVOHCS is able to make your life easier with our pharmacy software integrated apps.

  • RxLocal Web/App
  • NOVOHCS Inventory Application
  • Apple iPad Electronic Signature Capture
  • Apple iPad Patient Counseling
  • Mobile Delivery

Advanced Inventory

Inventory shouldn’t be hard, and with these integrated features, pharmacies find it easier than ever to manage.

  • Usage-Based Ordering
  • Pharmacy Loan Tracking
  • Multiple Wholesalers
  • Auto Reorder Points
  • Recommended Ordering
  • Recommended Return
  • Multiple Inventories
  • Shelf Stickers

Making more money is always more fun. See how these NOVOHCS features will take your pharmacy to the next level.

Accounts Receivable, Third Party Reconciliation, DIR Fees, Claim Overrides, AWP Rebilling Service, Competitive Cash Pricing Analysis

NOVORx Pharmacy Solutions Delivers Unparalleled Access and Pharmacy Network Connectivity

Let us help you improve patient clinical outcomes, increase medication accessibility and adherence, and generate operational efficiencies. Contact NOVOHCS Pharmacy to discuss your needs.

Medication Adherence

Help your patients overcome common barriers to medication adherence including cost, immunization availability, prior authorizations and benefit plan rejects.

Patient Safety and Compliance

Protect patients and improve pharmacy compliance with FDA Risk Mitigation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) programs—without disrupting pharmacist workflow.

Prescription Reimbursements

Your staff can make better informed and faster decisions that lead to improved productivity. NOVORx Medical Billing helps retail pharmacists document and bill for clinical

Pharmacy Medical Billing

NOVORx Medical Billing helps retail pharmacists document and bill for clinical services covered under a patient’s medical benefit plan.

Audit and Risk

Our risk mitigation solutions help pharmacies avoid audit-triggering claims transactions at the point of dispense.

Document Management

Our document management feature supports image files types such as JPG, PNG, GIF and file types such as PDF, Word, Excel, text files. We make it easy to organize and retrieve documents.