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NOVO Dispense

To increase revenue, cash flow, patient satisfaction and compliance for medicare,worker comp

NOVO Billing

Provide centralized, efficient electronic claim management & billing process for worker comp claims.

NOVO Pharmacy

Fast and reliable prescription filling, billing and workflow feature to run your business efficiently


provide the safer, more accurate and efficient way to manage, record and monitor residents medication

Novo Pharmacy Software is
the perfect solution!

  • Premium customer service
  • Secured and efficient Data conversion
  • Automated Refill & Billing managment
  • Enhance Patient Care
  • Customized workflows
  • Increase Profitability
  • Flexible Payment options
  • Clean and complete Bill submission
  • Automated Refill & Billing managment

Our Services

We will bring support from a team of healthcare professionals with over 30 years of experience Provide with full reconciliation and
accounting services thus it Increased patient satisfaction and convenience.


Contracting & Credentialing

NOVO Physician Dispensing Network will provide and guide you through all of the necessary regulatory

Web based

Rx Billing & Reconciliation

Utilizing NOVO’S web-based billing software, you and your staff gain access to thousands of insurance


In-Office Compounding

Physicians who currently prescribe compounded topical creams often do so through one of the many


Inventory Management

NOVO Physician Dispensing Network will take on the responsibility to meticulously manage the inventory

Computer Data


Data conversion is the conversion of computer data from one format to another. Throughout a computer


Customize your workflow

Different teams need different things at different times, so flexibility is key. Manage any workflow or process


  • We will bring support from a team of healthcare professionals with over 30 years of experience.
  • Implement a turn-key dispensing process from start to finish;
  • Offer GPO purchasing with unparallel terms.
  • Provide full reconciliation and accounting services.
  • Maintain precise inventory management of medications.

What are the Benefits ?

  • Enhanced patient medication therapy managment compliance.
  • Improved outcomes in an environment patients trust.
  • Added physician control in the treatment process.
  • Increased patient satisfaction and convenience.
  • Maximized revenue stream per patient visit.

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