FAST, FREE Prescription Card with $0 copay for injured patients

MedAdvance strives to provide hassle-free coverage of prescription medications following an injury.

How it works

  • Patient Enrolls
  • Claim Reviewd and verified
  • Rx Card Received
  • Fill At local pharmacy

Say hello to the NOVO unified experience

All our products come with a free trail. Completely Free, No Contract, No Monthly Fee.


Helping patients fill their prescriptions following an injury is our number one priority. Our mission is to provide patients with a FAST, FREE prescription card with $0 Copay, so they can focus on recovery.


Physicians utilizing our MedAdvance prescription card gives their patients reassurance that their prescribed medications will be filled quickly with no out of pocket expense. The MedAdvance prescription card minimizes call backs from pharmacies and frustrated patients


Attorneys utilizing our MedAdvance prescription card give their clients reassurance that their medications are filled hassle-free with no out of pocket expense. Also, our monthly automated statements help Attorneys provide true prescription cost needed for litigation.


Contact MedAdvance today to see how we can save your company money by utilizing our prescription card.