The leader in Physician
Dispensing Technology

Our dispense software empowers physicians to dispense medications directly to patients using the patient's pharmacy insurance benefits or cash payments. Physicians are able to provide patient's medications immediately which helps the patients save time and money, avoids making a trip to the pharmacy.

Benefits of Dispense Software

Research shows that 40% of patients do not comply with their prescriptions as directed, 30% of all prescriptions sent to the pharmacy are never filled, and over 75% of patients prefer being given their medications during their consultation.

  • E-Prescribe
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing and Collections
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Personal Training and Support
  • Equipment and Supplies

Save Patients Time

During their office visit, patients can pay for their medication and start their treatment immediately, there is no need to go to pharmacy and wait for medication.

Quality Care to Patients

By reducing the tasks of physician sending prescriptions to the pharmacy, pharmacy requesting refills and other paperwork’s, physician has more time to provide quality care to patients.

Track Patient Adherence

When patients receive the medications during their doctor visit, doctors can track the patient adherence to treatment which helps to prevent the prescription being unfulfilled.

Eliminate Pharmacy Call Back

Dispensing medications in office minimize pharmacy call-backs and saves more time for the doctors. Helps to focus more on providing care to those who need attention.

Respect Patients Privacy

By showing more importance to patients’ privacy, will help to not violate their rights and also build a trust, which will give more loyal patients.

Save Patients Money

By dispensing medications at office, we can make sure to find medications at lower costs for the patients, work with the insurance companies directly for a low-cost option and reduce patient's overall healthcare costs.