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  • Enabling LIS Resolves Challenges for Small Clinical Labs Caught in the Crossfire of Industry Cost-Cutting
  • An Affordable, Full-function LIS for the Small Clinical Laboratory Drives Operational Efficiencies and Streamlines Lab Productivity

    Case Studies

  • Case Study: Oregon-based Multi-Specialty Clinic Implements LIS to Manage EMRs More Efficiently
  • Testimonial: Quinsigamond Community College Adapts to Existing User Needs with Polytech LIS Implementation

    White Papers

  • Effective Lab Automation – How Modern LIS systems increase productivity while driving down costs
  • The Five Things You Should Know When Considering an LIS
  • The Benefits of a Laboratory Information System


  • Comp Pro Med Picked to Provide Software for Labs in Ethiopia
  • Santa Rosa Company Benefits from Magnanimous Gesture
  • Comp Pro Med, Inc. Chosen For Key Role In U.S. Funded, $15 Billion HIV/AIDS Initiative

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